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Bring your ideas to life : Transform your business despite overwhelm

Kainumai Discovery Workshop

Busy Life, little time for changes

You’ve got great ideas for your business, but taking action is tough. 
Your busy role and existing system make change hard. 
Feeling overwhelmed holds you back, and starting seems impossible.

Growing Frustration, Missed Opportunities

However, if you keep delaying, the overwhelmed feeling will grow.

Your business stays the same, while tech, customers, and rivals shift.

Those dreams you have for your business?

They're slipping further away with each passing day. It's like seeing opportunities slip away before your eyes, and that feeling of missed chances and "what could have been" just won't let go.


The time to take action is now, before it's too late.

Take a new start with the Kainumai Discovery Workshop

Our Kainumai workshop isn’t just another commitment on your schedule. It’s a unique opportunity that you shouldn’t overlook. By investing a fraction of your time upfront, you’re not only unlocking more time down the road, but you’re also taking a crucial first step toward making your ideas a reality. It’s that first significant move, beginning with just one step, and we’re here to help you make that initial move as big as possible.

Why attend ? 

Clear Understanding

No surprises: Master all key business transformation areas. Avoid unexpected issues and be in control.

Guided Goals

Get a precise list of goals for each business area. Stay on track and achieve success confidently.

Actionable Insights

Cut through complexity. Learn straightforward strategies for immediate impact. Bring finally your ideas to life. 

Plan for Everything

Create a solid plan for various scenarios. Be ready for any challenge that arises.

Expert Advice

Get guidance from a tech engineer & MBA with more than 25 years of real-world experience. Benefit from practical insights gained through leading change in major companies.

Your Kainumai Transformation Canvas

Receive a ready-to-use Kainumai Business Transformation Canvas. Instantly have a comprehensive vision of your transformation

Get your transformation back on track : Join Our FREE Workshop  

We’re on a mission to gather insights and create special products and programs that suit your needs. But hurry, this workshop won’t remain free forever. As we evolve and offer even more value, the opportunity to tap into this knowledge without cost will eventually close.

Why is it FREE

Secure your spot now to shape your business future before this offer changes !

  • We understand that your time is valuable. Our workshop is designed to be efficient and focused. By investing just a short amount of time upfront, you’ll actually unlock more time in the future by gaining actionable insights that streamline your business processes.

  • Our goal is to provide genuine value to participants. Our workshop is an opportunity for us to share our expertise and gather insights. We’re confident that the strategies, tools, and guidance you’ll receive can make a significant impact on your business transformation.

  • Our workshop covers key business transformation areas that are applicable to a wide range of businesses. We offer personalized guidance during the workshop to ensure you can adapt the strategies to your unique situation. Additionally, our expert with over 25 years of experience in various business domains will be available to address specific concerns you may have.

  • Our workshop is designed to provide clear and immediate benefits. During the workshop, you’ll gain a precise list of goals for each business area, easy-to-implement strategies, and a ready-to-use Kainumai Business Transformation Canvas. This commitment is a small step toward unlocking your business’s potential.

Secure your spot now to shape your business future.

Don’t let your time-consuming tasks hold back your ideas. Today is the perfect day to start. Remember, every day of inaction is a missed opportunity and a step away from the thriving business you envision.

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