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What is the impact of AI on your business ?

❔ What is the impact of AI on your business ? Kainumai asked to Ronny Timmermans, CEO of XeniT .

Since the arrival of ChatGPT, AI has been a hot topic. But it has been around for some time. 35% of businesses have adopted AI. Use cases can be found in all kinds of industries. Think about autonomous vehicles, AI assistance in radiology for disease detection or fraud detection. As a business leader it is important to think about the impact of and integrate this reflection into the business strategy.

🎤 Kainumai: What is your market and what does AI change ?

Ronny Timmermans: We come from ECM, managing large quantities of documents, supporting real time business processes and retaining those documents for compliance reasons..Today, we are moving to intelligent information management. Our legacy open source solution alfresco dates from 2005, and AI was at most a marginal but promising technology. The same applies to older offerings like documentun etc  This means that many things an intelligent information system can do, were not built into any legacy ECM. I like a quote from Accenture: "ai is the new ui". Meaning, in every interaction of humans with content, AI will assist, correct, replace or automate.

🎤 How does AI transform your product and services ?

It improves the quality of metadata, it allows for automatic classification, it facilitates the users to retrieve the correct information and documents. Ai allows you to be imprecise and get your results anyway, see vector search and the statistical nature of deep learning.

Looking into the usage of documents, I.e. what our customers create and use this information for, the generation of content will be transformed beyond recognition. In 5 years, creating sales proposals and answering long criteria lists, a habit in public tenders that generates a lot of busy work for private companies, will be automated for 80 % or more. Companies managing their content and information with a clear model of reuse in mind, will experience a formidable boost in productivity. AI is your new teammate, your very personal assistant, and the expert to go to when you are out of ideas.

🎤 What does AI mean for your human resources ?

It is a challenge. People have to start eliminating waste in their work and apply ai thinking. Especially for coding, you have to get more productive, or we are out of business. Even in system engineering, llm will help to diagnose and repair. So the engineer becomes the teacher of the system. I do believe that the best people will not be put out of work, but those in the mediocre quadrant will feel the pressure of new competition. In adminstration, 50 % of work will disappear. Accounting, making proposals,.. all will become faster, automated, and better, but not more labour intensive.


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